About Us

 The Brand

Moonlight’s Creations is a functional but stylish handmade accessories shop located on the Big Island of Hawaii. All items are hand crafted by myself. With our wide variety of accessories, you are bound to find the perfect piece(s) to finish an outfit or find a gift for someone special.  


About the Owner

Hello my name is Laura. I was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and have always had a passion for sewing. In 2021 I decided to turn that passion in to a business and Laura Moonlight's Creations LLC was born. Along with the accessories I make here a also love to sew quilts for loved ones (be on the look out some quilts may even show up here to help support charities). Follow me on my Instagram accounts and YouTube to learn more about the behind the scenes of running a business and to catch some sneak peaks of new products coming to the shop.